RAWALPINDI - Inspector General of Prisons Punjab Farooq Nazir conducted a surprise visit to Adyala Jail and inspected the barracks, hospital and kitchen of the jail on Tuesday.

Additional Superintendent Jail Chaudhry Shabraiz Hussain, Deputy Superintendent Jail Judicial Chaudhry Muhammad Arshad and Deputy Superintendent Jail Executive Muhammad Ilyas accompanied him during the visit.  The IG Prison also inspected the security arrangements in and outside of the jail. He also checked the Ranger’s staff on duty and found them alert along with jail staff and Punjab Police staff. He also inspected the lighting system during his visit and found it satisfactory.

He directed jail officers to further strengthen the security arrangements and keep a vigilant eye on the visitors of the jail turning up for seeing their relative prisoners and after thorough search they should be allowed to come to see them.

The administration of the jail should also keep vigilant eye on jail staff and stern action be taken against those who involved to provide mobile phones or any sort of narcotics to the prisoners and such elements should be proceeded against under E&D rules.

He admired the arrangements and vigilance of jail administration and said that he will come again and again to check the security arrangements keeping in view the importance of Adyala Jail and more funds would be provided by the Punjab government for further improving the security and administrative arrangements, he added.

Additional Superintendent Jail Chaudhry Shabraiz Hussain briefed him that the food prepared for the prisoners was also according to the jail manual and the standard of food stuff also maintained by the inspection of jail doctors and administration. He conducted visit for two hours and visited all the barracks and other parts of the jail.