RAWALPINDI  - The inquiry report of the abduction of infant from Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) has revealed that the incident took place due to poor security arrangements at the health delivery facility.

It should be mentioned here that a month back, a woman posing herself as a BB Hospital staff member picked the infant from his mother’s bed and walked away. The departmental inquiry committee headed by Dr Fouzia has attributed the incident to poor security arrangements in the hospital.

Moreover, the anti-corruption department has already started investigation against a clerk for tempering the inquiry record, who has got bail in the case.

Medical Superintendent BBH, Dr Asif Qadir Mir, when contacted, confirmed that action was being taken against persons involved under PEDA Act, adding that two doctors and nurses have also been served show cause notices in this regard. Despite CCTV footage and close circuit camera surveillance in the hospital the woman, who stole infant baby from BBH could not be traced so far. On the other hand, hospital administration was of the opinion that the incident happened owing to the slackness of mother and relatives of the kidnapped infant.

Meanwhile, authorities of the Excise and Taxation (E&T) Rawalpindi branch locked its all office rooms from outside during the office hours to hinder the agent mafia’s interference in the system. According to sources, keys of the locks were handed over to an Inspector, Malik Yunas. The rooms are locked from outside from 8:00am to 3:00pm and no one was allowed to enter the room, the sources informed, adding that all citizens were dealt through the windows.  If some employee of the branch needed to come out of his room for some reason, he ringed Inspector Malik Yunas who opened the lock, the sources revealed. Talking about the new practice, a group of employees of E&T said that it had saved them from the mess created by the touts and agents and they could work now in calm and peaceful environment.

 The citizens wait in a line for their turn in front of the windows specified for them and there was no discrimination in the dealing anymore, they added.

Another group of employees said that they might be under life threat in case of some untoward incidents like blaze or earthquake, as the inspector having the keys would most probably prefer to run and save his own life than to open the locks on the doors of the offices. There might be other solutions to the irregularities in the office, the employees said, adding the practice of locking offices from outside was risky.

When contacted, Excise and Taxation Officer (ETO) of Motor Branch, Shahzad Malik said that the decision had been made to check the crowd in the offices and the officials having the keys used to sit right outside the offices. The official opened the doors immediately, when needed, Shahzad added.