LAHORE (MIAN DAWOOD) – The Jamatud Dawa (JuD) does not have any document or evidence to support its stance in the Lahore High Court (LHC) about a deal between Pakistan and the United State of America (USA) regarding drone attacks, sources in the party say.

Hearing a petition moved by Hafiz Saeed, the LHC on Oct 15 directed counsel of the Jamaatud Dawa to submit proof about any alleged secret agreements between Pakistan and USA on drone strikes in tribal areas.

Drone attacks in the tribal areas have been condemned by the government, political and religious circles, but despite their protest the strikes continue. Hundreds of people including women and children have been killed in the US drone attacks so far.

In view of the LHC order there were questions in the society that whether the JuD would be able to disclosed any treaty between the Pakistan and USA or not.

The sources, close to Hafiz Saeed, said the party did not have any written treaty or evidence showing the USA was striking in tribal areas through drones under a deal with the Pakistan government.

The party circles said that they could just convince the court by showing news clippings of government ministers including Hina Rabbani Khar on drone attacks.

They believed that there was no need to provide written evidences before the court because the attacks itself were against the sovereignty of the country.

“Everybody inside and outside the country knows that the drone attacks are being done with the consent of the Pakistani government,” they maintained.

“Will the non provision of proof or evidence mean the drone attacks should be in Pakistan?” they said.

They are of the opinion that court should not linger on the issue and immediately decide the fate of the JuD’s petition against the drone attacks in the country.

However, a senior lawyer requesting anonymity says that it is impossible for the any court to order for stoppage of drone attacks without examining any documents related to the issue.