Rabia Imran, daughter of the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Shraif, was seen on CCTV video footage recently when she was very annoyed at a local bakery. She arrived at the bakery at 12midnight, on seeing that the bakery was partially closed, she asked her driver to barge in, and he managed to open the door. The worker at the shop told Rabia that the shop was closed and it would open in the morning. On hearing the refusal Rabia started abusing the worker; she kept insisting that she wanted some bakery items there and then. After the continuous refusal from the worker, she left with her driver and guard. At around 6.30 am, three people came to the shop, with police, and identified the worker and dragged him out and beat him up badly. This is a reprehensible act that needs to be addressed by the law and order authorities.


Karachi, October 15.