SARGODHA – A conference titled “Urdu Zuban-o-Adab aur Sahafat” was held at the University of Sargodha. The moot was attended by renowned columnists, writers and journalists.

The conference was presided over by Dr Muhammad Akram Chaudhry, the vice chancellor. He said, “Urdu is national language which creates an indissoluble link among the nation and causes affection among the people. Urdu is the main source of national unity.”

He further said that the nations which do not love their language cannot get respect. Columnist Syeda Kishwar Naheed stressed the need for joint struggle to ensure freedom of expression. Prof Attaul Haq Qasmi advised the media not to give coverage to violence and negativity.

He further said that the civilised nations do not allow such negative elements to be promoted.

Anchor person Talat Hussain drew the participants’ attention towards the ideological fronts of the national language. He stressed the need for defending its status.

Dr Tahir Masood, the chairman of Mass Media at Karachi University, said that Urdu language had not achieved its due position which was mentioned in the Constitution of 1973. Dr Atiya Syeda said that Urdu is being promoted very fast. Mr Farooq Adil said awareness about the implementation of Urdu as national language should be spread. Mr Oria Maqbool Jan said that in the world history, there is no nation which made progress without its own language. Columnist Sajjad Mir indicated importance of the nation’s attachment with Urdu.

At the conclusion, a joint resolution was passed for promotion of Urdu. Columnist Dr Hussain Ahmad Piracha compared Urdu with stars.