LAHORE – Orientation day of Qarshi University was celebrated. Iqbal Muhammad, Registrar briefed the students and their parents about the purpose of opening another university. He said that Qarshi University has been established under Qarshi Foundation aimed to provide quality education, hands-on training and non-profit educational services. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Moazzam, Vice Chancellor welcomed the students and their parents and highlighted the main features of the dream of Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi. He assured the students that a cordial and highly professional environment is welcoming the students who would get not only quality education but would also become good human beings, with practical skills to face the real challenges awaiting them in the field, says a press release. Brig. Taimur Afzal Khan, Director HR and Marketing of Qarshi Industries explained the vision of Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi that was followed by a video of Qarshi Industries where more than 250 herb-based products are manufactured according to international standards for which the Industries have nine international certifications.