MULTAN - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Secretary General Liaqat Baloch has said that India has been executing a vicious plan to destroy Pakistan economically by turning its fertile land into barren through blockage of rivers. However, the rulers have done nothing to counter her water aggression.

Talking to the journalists here during a breakfast held in his honour by Kissan Ittehad central president Ch Anwar on Tuesday, he added that the agriculture was on the brink of complete destruction because of ill-advised policies of the government. He maintained that prices of agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, seed, diesel and other items went sky high during last four years but the rate of cotton declined seriously. He pointed out that water scarcity badly hurt agriculture and the country was in dire need of new dams but the rulers never bothered to construct Kalabagh Dam. “In order to steer the country out of power crisis and put it on the path of progress, construction of Kalabagh Dam is imperative,” he asserted.

He pointed out that cotton sale did not start while on the other hand Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) also kept out of market as a result of which the farmer was not able to sow next crop. He asked the government to instruct TCP to intervene otherwise the country would face a severe agricultural crisis in coming days.

WEBSITE TO HAVE DETAILS OF COLLEGES: The Education Department is going to develop a website where the details of all colleges of Multan division will be available online, disclosed Director Colleges Multan division Prof Muhammad Hussain Azad.

Addressing a seminar here at Civil Lines College on Tuesday, he added that the entire information regarding any college, its staff, admission dates, examination schedules, results and students would be available on the site.

He further disclosed that the notices served on students by the college administration and percentage of their presence and absence could also be seen online after the completion of this project. He said that this step of Punjab Government would revolutionise the education sector.