ISLAMABAD - The lawmakers in the Upper House of the Parliament on Tuesday urged the government to invite international donors for relief and rehabilitation in many areas of Balochistan that were recently hit by worst floods there.A number of senators from both sides debated the aftermaths of floods specially in three districts of Balochistan, Naseer Abad, Jaffer Abad and Jhal Magsi after Leader of the Opposition Ishaq Dar moved an adjournment motion in the House regarding destruction in Balochistan due to flash floods The lawmakers urged the chair to constitute a Senate committee that would visit the food-affected areas along with media persons to highlight the issue on local and international level.Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), a coalition partner of the PPP-led federal government, for the second time during the present session staged a protest walkout from the House against the imposition of taxes on overseas incoming calls. MQM said LDI (Long Distance and International) operators had looted billions of rupees from the overseas Pakistanis during the last week. Senator Tahir Hussain Mushhadi severely objected about the publication of an advertisement in the print media by LDI operators conveying congratulations to Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and President Asif Ali Zardari for  their decision regarding imposition of tax on international calls. He said that it would become very difficult for those Pakistanis who were leading an elite-styled life if overseas Pakistan stopped sending foreign exchange in the country.Hasil Khan Bazenjo painted a gloomy picture of the three districts of Balochistan in the aftermaths of floods what he said floodwaters had swept away everything and deplored that no government functionary visited the area after the calamity. He also severely criticized the performance of the National Disaster management Authority (NDMA) and Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Balochistan for its poor performance in relief and rehabilitation work in the province. He said more than 0.25 million people in Balochistan were living under the open sky due to floods and 0.6 million acres of crops had been affected due to this catastrophe. “No government and non-government organization came for the relief of the affected people,” he informed the House.According to the report of PDMA Sindh, he said, 70,000 people were lacking shelter in these areas and among these only 2000 have been provided with tents. Questioning how the people in such large number would live in these tents. Bazenjo cautioned if the international donors were not invited, it was likely that thousandspeople would die there. He said that a Senate committee should be constituted to visit the area along with media persons. Hasil termed the recent Rs 2.50 billion compensation money announced by the Prime Minister for flood affectees as a peanut. He also drew a comparison between the relief items being provided by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority  and the requirement of the people. He was surprised that the Provincial Disaster Management Authority was providing 38 ton tea and 39 ton cooking salt to the flood affected people that was much more than their requirement and providing those eatables including ghee flour, pulses etc in less quantity than their necessity. According to the PDMA report, 5,23,975 people were affected due to floods in these three districts and they wanted 2,79,430 blankets, around 72,001 tents and 17,93000 bags of flour,” he said.Senator Heman Das, a member of minority hailing from Balochistan, said that the eatables being provides to the flood affected people were substandard while Haji Ghulam Ali showed his no-confidence on the government functionaries involved in distribution of relief items to the people before the House was adjourned till 4pm on Wednesday.