It is beyond comprehension that the PPP could do as rash a thing as to pass the Peoples Local Government act in Sindh that has been thought to cause divisions within the province when the elections are just round the corner. These sort of farcical experiments being performed in a province that is their stronghold.

The reaction has been intense; major parties have stood out against it and so are its own party members. It is no overstatement that it appears like electoral suicide, albeit to an average observer another stunt whose motives the PPP top guns know best. But this is essentially the display of the quirky behaviour that has come to be associated with the PPP. As the act would further deepen the divide between the rural and urban Sindh, possibly setting in train a sequence of events that would lead to the people from the rural areas – where the Sindhis are in majority – to view with increased dislike, their compatriots in the urban areas, inhabited largely by the Muhajir community. This is hence no service to the province. On the contrary, keeping in view the ongoing violence – with every day ending up with at least a dozen innocent deaths – serious repercussions might ensue. The public addresses by PPP leaders on Monday, are an indication, if more was needed that the party is unrepentant.