ISLAMABAD - A senior official of Embassy of Iran has claimed that United States and other major powers are involved in destabilising Pakistan’s southwestern province Balochistan.

“There is no internal crisis. It’s because of the US and other countries which are hell bent to destabilise Muslim countries to weaken Muslim Ummah,” the Iranian official, who desired not to be named, said while talking informally to a group of journalists here on Tuesday.

He endorsed the point of view of Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik that foreign hand was involved in destabilising Balochistan province and expressed the hope that people of Pakistan and Iran would together foil nefarious designs of foreign powers aspiring to carve out greater Balochistan.

He said that activities of Jundullah, a terrorist outfit supported by some Western powers, has greatly reduced following the arrest and execution of its central leader Abdul Malik Rigi.

They official noted with satisfaction that relations between Pakistan and Iran were on forward trajectory as leadership of the two countries was meeting on regular basis to deepen bilateral relations. He, however, admitted that trade relation between the two countries need further improvement to promote greater economic cooperation.

On Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, the official said that would be completed by December 2014 despite pressure from United States.

He said that work on both the sides of the borders was continuing, adding that the top leadership of the two countries were committed to complete the project within the due time.

He dispelled the impression that the two countries were facing problems in executing the multi-billion dollars project, saying that the project was in great interest of the people of the two countries and there was desire from the two sides to complete it. 

On Iranian side, he maintained that work on the project was going fast and it is expected that the project would be completed well before time.

 About the US pressure, the top Iranian official said that the Islamic Republic was confident that the project would be completed despite the foreign pressure. He said that the US government top officials have given many statements to put pressure on Pakistan but the later has rejected.

“We are confident that the project will be completed despite the foreign threats”, he said, adding that the project involves the two countries and any third country should not have any concern over it.

About the possibility of India’s rejoining of the project, he said that it was a mega project and has capacity of any other country to get benefited of the venture.  Similarly, the official said that various proposals were also under consideration to export electricity to Pakistan in order to help Islamabad in tackling the ongoing power crisis in the country.

On the issue of Afghanistan, he said that both Iran and Pakistan want a peaceful and stable Afghanistan and for that purpose have constituted a trilateral commission of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, which is scheduled to meet in Kabul in coming days.

He rejected the impression of misunderstanding between the two countries on various issues including Afghanistan.