It is a pleasure to come across something that can raise your spirit and a slogan on TV, “Pakistan ka matlab kia – parhney likhney ke sewa” is the voice of millions of Pakistanis. I would like to congratulate the person who came up with this slogan, as well as some of the real life stories that they have shown. This is a very powerful message, but more action needs to be taken around this and media can play a very positive role in getting it through. They could give phone numbers of NGO’s that have set up schools, of teachers who are ready to teach from home, every area and locality could be covered in Pakistan and all its provinces.

I am sure that everyone in Pakistan would like to help in educating the people of our country, so that greater good can be achieved. This act can negate the sixty five year old hold of the rich feudal lords over the poor masses. There is no lack of philanthropists in this country. We can also put this on billboards, postage stamps, envelops, and other stationery. It could also be displayed in bold words on all govt. buildings and important places. One of the best ways to commemorate it would be to dedicate it to the girl who has staked her life for the cause of knowledge for all, through education – Malala Yousafzei.


Rawalpindi, October 15.