LAHORE - A government officer, accused of running an NGO illegally, who was ordered to appear before a medical board by the Chief Secretary office, has succeeded to move his case for medical leave with connivance of lower staff of S&GAD, The Nation has learnt.

The Services secretary had also written to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Hafiz Anees ur Rehman, a grade-18 officer of the S&GAD.

However, in the absence of Secretary (Services) who was on Haj leave, the officer with the help of lower staff forwarded his case to the Chief Secretary office. The acting secretary was unaware of the facts of the case.

The lower staff instead of conveying true facts to the secretary services kept him blind and got a recommendation.

Reportedly, it was also kept hidden the said officer was surrendered by many departments like health, energy, women development, school education on his irresponsible behaviour.

Moreover, a letter was written by the DCO Bhakkar to the Chief Secretary about the said officer that states: “The officer surprisingly concluded himself that he was unable to travel and to perform duty, without annexing any supporting documents to his effect.” “Reportedly, the said officer is running an NGO at Lahore namely “Khak-e-Madina Welfare Health Society” and not interested in performing official duty,” the letter reads.

The DCO also enclosed seven pages of pictorial evidence to this effect. The DCO, Ahmad Mustajab Karamat, recommended strict disciplinary action against the officer under PEEDA Act 2006 on account of inefficiency and misconduct due to willful absence from duty. The chief secretary had also directed that a medical board might be constituted to look into the petition of the petitioner officer for leave on medical grounds. Anees ur Rehman forwarded his case to the CS Office when the Secretary Services was on haj leave.

When contacted Secretary Services, who just returned after performing haj, he was astonished on knowing the facts that the said officer had managed to get the lower staff involved in his medical leave case. “I will look into the matter and convey the facts to the Chief Secretary in writing” he affirmed.