It is obvious that the rate and influence of breast cancer is flourishing in developing countries including Pakistan. It is painful to say that Pakistan has the world’s top reported cases of breast cancer in women in Asia; 69.1 per 100000 women. More than 900000 are being diagnosed with breast cancer every year and almost 400000 of them die due to the same plaintive disease in Pakistan. According to the estimated population, which is 189 million and more than half of them are women. About two thirds of the population is below the age of 30. 

Breast cancer is not like other forms, because breast cancer has a high cure rate and authentic prognosis. It is well recognised that breast cancer is a high financial burden for patients and their families for their treatment as it needs much higher costs to be paid than in early stages of breast cancer . This situation has been created due to a lack of awareness, social stigma, high cost of treatment, lack of trained specialists, and lack of healthcare facilities. Furthermore, new research has shown that Pakistani women are supposed to have incremental breast cancer rates in upcoming decades. In order to curb this disease, we need a well-managed cancer control program, raising awareness of treatment facilities and good healthcare trainers for treatment. The government’s real test is to bring high rate of breast cancer down by providing facilities, awareness, and as set up awareness programs for eradication of it. 


Delta, September 23.