I am not a powerful CEO, and I don’t have a doctoral degree. I’m not a mother. I’m a women’s activist. I began my work life in a male-dominated exchange. To me, women’s liberation has been tied with changing laws so ladies can settle on indistinguishable decisions for themselves from men: Have kids, or not. Work for a reasonable wage, or remain home and keep house. Or, on the other hand dig trench. Or, on the other hand be a mariner, or a server, or a culinary expert. Determine to be a democrat or a republican or a libertarian or a socialist. Head off to college, or go to exchange school. Be a beautician or a teacher. 

It is about assuming liability for ourselves, so that toward the end of the day a we don’t say, “well, I needed to, however ladies don’t get the opportunity.” There’s nothing too elitist about that. 


Lahore, October 13.