LAHORE - Senior PML-N leader Khawaja Ahmad Hassan has called for showing respect to all the state institutions for greater national interest and sovereignty.

“The tirade against the institutions should come to an end now,” he said in a statement Monday.Hassan, a close aide of the Sharif family, is locking after different ongoing public projects in Punjab, said ridiculing any institutions either judiciary or army would cause serious damage to Pakistan.

He said at this stage, the state can’t afford confrontation among institutions.

 “We are in a state of war ... we cannot afford any clash among the institutions,” he said and condemned recent statements by some political leaders against state institutions.  “The army has rendered countless sacrifices to defend the motherland. Hundreds of our soldiers and officers lost their lives in the war against terror. Ridiculing security forces will hurt the morale of thousands of soldiers fighting against terrorists,” he said.

Similarly, Hassan called for showing respect to judiciary. “We have numerous upright judges who are serving the country without any personal interest and with dignity and honour. Jibe at the judiciary means onslaught on respectable judges.” The state organs including the parliament, judiciary  and the army are working for the country, he said and stressed the need for unity.