KARACHI - A function was held here on Monday to pay tributes to Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said on his 19th death anniversary .

The event, held at a local hotel, and entitled, ‘Sahaheed-i-Pakistan: a Symbol of National Unity’, featured speeches and tableaus. Speaking on the occasion, former senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, who was the chief guest, said that a true national leader and a ruler should be an intelligent, visionary, man of independent thinking who could be able to make dreams come true like Quaid-i-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan. “Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said also matched the standards of a true national leader. If the leaders do not come up to this required standard, the result will be the same as is being witnessed in Islamabad at the moment,” he noted.

“The country is under the burden of billions of dollars foreign loan and its interest goes into millions of dollars per annum. It is because of mismanagement, corruption and lack of integrity on the part of our leaders and rulers,” he lamented, and said that the first quality of a true leader was that he must be a dead honest person who did not allow anybody to spend even a single penny from the national exchequer without any genuine excuse; who is an educator, a motivator, and a person who could mobilise people as Quaid-e-Azam had done during Pakistan movement and a far sighted man too who could keep an eye on future of the new generation. “Hakim Said did the same,” he commented.

Earlier, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan President Sadia Rashid, while addressing the function, said that the training of a child started from the lap of a mother. “Therefore the parents should start training of their children at home and do not leave this to schools and other educational institutions,” she stressed, and added that Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said had always emphasised training of children and said that without training, education would not be fruitful.

She said that her father, Hakim Said, had made her to pass through such a vigorous training that as a result she became a disciplined individual. “I started going to bed early; waking up early, adopted simplicity as I would iron my clothes and polish my shoes myself and would go to school by bus, though there was no dearth of vehicles at home,” she said, and added, “It was also a part of Hakim sahib’s training that she would come office, after joining Hamdard, by a high roof holding tiffin in one hand and water cooler in other, she informed. Hakim Mohammed Usman, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan director and young speakers also spoke at the event.

Paying glowing tributes to Hakim Said they said that they would make Pakistan, free from provincialism, sectarianism and racialism and convert it into a united country as per the dreams of Quaid-e-Azam and Shaheed-i-Pakistan Hakim Said.