islamabad - The labour union of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has opposed the possible privatization of the sanitation directorate, saying the step is tantamount to compromising on the rights of the workers.

Expressing their views at the executive council meeting of the union here on Monday, the office-bearers said that the step would pose a threat to jobs of hundreds of employees of the civic agency.

The representatives of the CDA employees would continue to resist the expected move on part of the administration, they added.

General Secretary of the labour union, Ch Muhammad Yaseen said that they would never accept privatization of the directorate as future of children of the workers is linked to the directorate.

He was of the view that the union had been struggling against bifurcation of the CDA departments and for the rights of the workers for the last over 18 months.

“The union is fighting the case of the workers in the courts. A writ petition has already been filed in the court and under the circumstances, any step to privatize the directorate would be tantamount to contempt of court. We will not allow anyone to deprive the workers of their jobs on the pretext of the privatization,” Yaseen said.

Yaseen appealed to the Chairman CDA to immediately cancel the tender floated in the media for privatization of the sanitation directorate. He said that wages of around 1000 families are linked to the directorate and possible decision of the administration. He warned the CDA administration to refrain from taking ‘anti-worker’ steps otherwise they will be compelled to take to the streets.

“The union would launch a protest campaign against the privatization of the directorate. This is constitutional and democratic right of the workers,” he warned.

He further threatened that in case the administration goes ahead with its plan, then the administration would be responsible for the law and order situation in the capital. Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin urged upon the Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz and Chief Officer of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Asad Mehboob Kiyani to take back the decision of the privatization of the sanitation directorate, otherwise, the workers would launch a protest movement against it. They said it is high time for workers to be united and more active to defend their legitimate rights.