Mochh is a suburban area of Mianwali which lies 15 KM to the North of the city. As far as literacy rate is concerned, it stands atop in the entire district. The scions of this fecund land have served the nation in various capacities. The brilliant brains of this fertile land served in bureaucracy, armed forces, education and medicine on top-notch and coveted positions. The former IB spymaster, General (R) Rafiullah Khan Niazi also hails from Mochh. But it is lamentable that, of late, the area is beset with horrible tales of murders. In the past few months, almost a dozen incidents of murders took place in which young individuals fell victim to decade-old enmities. The area is rife with tribal conflicts and internal rivalries which date back to the past century.

It is imperative that the local high-ups and law enforcers work out a joint strategy and bring a sigh of relief to the grief-stricken inhabitants. The district re-conciliatory committees must act proactively and weed out the minor differences among rival groups well in time. The DPO, Mianwali, is requested to order the seizure of illegal firearms. Furthermore, the police department should tighten noose around the outlaws who challenge the writ of the state and take the law in their own hands. To sensitise people about the importance of tolerance and peace, peace rallies and conventions must be held. Also, the intellectuals and scholars must come forward and play their role to ameliorate the worsening situation.


Mianwali, October 14.