Lahore - President PPP-P, Asif Ali Zardari yesterday told party men that PPP was not going to sign any social contract with the PML-N at this time.

Zardari had a meeting with party office bearers at Bilawal House on Monday and assured them that he was not having any overt or covert contacts with the PML-N leadership. He also said that he had not talked to Mian Nawaz Sharif even on telephone. 

Senior PPP leaders who met Zardari at the Bilawal House later told the media they talked to him on host of issues including the PML-N leaders’ attempts to establish backdoor conversations with the top PPP leadership.

PPP’s central Secretary Information, Ch Manzoor and general secretary for central Punjab, Nadeem Afzal Chan told reporters that Asif Zardari believed that the PML-N leadership had deceived him on three important occasions. “Firstly, when Nawaz Sharif singed an NRO with Musharraf and went abroad while he (Asif Ali Zardari) served jail term for eight years. Secondly, when Nawaz Sharif sided with the establishment on the issue of memogate and then on the occasion of 2014 sit-ins when PPP helped him save the system.”, Ch Manzoor quoted Asif Zardari as having said. 

Nadeem Chan said that Asif Zardari was wary of the bad economic situation and would soon be addressing a press conference to expose the wrong doings of the incumbent finance minister and the fraud in the LNGL contract.

According to him, Zardari said that CPEC was his initiative but the PML-N was trying to take credit of it. He also told party men that he had also made an agreement with Turkey, Iran and China for bilateral trade under the barter system but the present government did not materialize this project.

The PPP leaders further stated that their party chief was also worried over the PML-N minister’s statements against the state institutions despite the fact that latter had victimized the PPP leadership in the past.