By Sabene Rizvi

One night, an evil witch who lived to make children suffer arrived in a small town thinking this was Evils-bird. The witch, said, "Sweetest-burg!, Well not anymore hahaha" as she stops and disguises herself but could not hide the hat but lucky for her, she looked the age of a college student and it was October, and in sweetest-burg Halloween was a month long party in college.The witch disguised herself as a visitor from the main office and came into a classroom holding a basket of candies, and continued going into several classrooms.The evil witch decides to go and poison the teachers and then make math equations.The next day, the witch goes to the school again and poisoned every teacher in the school.

The children arrive to find that the teachers are unconscious.

Suddenly, the teachers are gone, a voice is heard, Hahaha. The witch reveals herself to the children. The children start to run.

Suddenly evil living math equations come out like magic.

A boy comes out and solves all of the equations and all of the EQUATIONS MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR AND SO DOES THE WITCH. The teachers wake up and they all live happily ever after.

Published in Young Nation magazine on January 28, 2017