MULTAN-Punjab Zakat Minister Naghma Mushtaq Laang declared on Monday that glitches from zakat distribution biometric system are being removed while zakat distribution mechanism has further been simplified to facilitate the deserving in a better and comfortable manner.

Addressing a meeting held here at Circuit House, she declared that she is in contact with the Chief Minister for getting increased Zakat Fund and the fund distribution would begin as soon as funds are received. She declared that she would get restored local zakat committees for distribution of fund among residents of Cholistan.

She pointed out that the number of deserving people increased in proportion with population as a result of which zakat fund fell short. She said that besides endeavours for increase in the fund, efforts were also underway to get the problems resolved being faced by the zakat officials. She pointed out that the salaries of field and clerical staff as well as audit officers of zakat department had been increased.

She said that the rickshaws were being distributed on the basis of transparent balloting. “But we want to get restored zakat allowance instead of distribution of rickshaws. It helps the deserving utilise amount according to their needs,” she added.

Speaking on the occasion, Punjab Zakat Secretary Hassan Iqbal said that the number of deserving persons would be risen in proportion with Guzara Allowance. He informed that a summary has been prepared to make up for the shortage of zakat workers. He disclosed that the proposal for revival of allowance is under consideration following receipt of complaints regarding disappearance of rickshaws in small towns. He said that the laws are being amended in view of requirement of current time. He declared that the class four recruitment in the department would be made at local level while the district committees would also be given more representation in all affairs.