Saifullah Jamali, another student from NFC Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research Faisalabad, has committed suicide in utter desperation, because he was expelled from university for not being able to qualify the last year exams.

It is reportedly said that he had grievances against his teacher for repeatedly failing him five times, So being easily submissive and capitulative he yield to teacher’s supercilious and condescending attitude, and preferred to commit suicide instead of struggling more with his teacher’s entrenched obduracy. This incident is not new and surprising, because it has become time-honoured inclination these days, Most of the teachers in the guise of predators love bullying their students who has nothing to grudge but defer to their grossly iniquitous attitude.

I hopefully, request to CM and Governor of Sindh to take notice of this incident, and help him and his family dispense with justice.


Khairpur, Sindh, October 5.