WASHINGTON - A recent US airstrike near the town of Harardere in Somalia killed an estimated 60 al-Shabab terrorists, United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) said in a press release on Tuesday.

“In coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, US forces conducted an airstrike targeting al-Shabaab militants in the vicinity of Harardere, Somalia, on October 12, 2018, as previously released,” the release said. “We currently assess this airstrike killed approximately sixty (60) terrorists.”

AFRICOM said the “precision” attack was the largest one conducted by US forces since November 21, 2017, when an airstrike on an al-Shabab training camp killed around 100 terrorists. It added that no civilians were killed or injured in the Oct. 12 attack. Somalia has been engulfed in violence since the eruption of a civil war between clan-based armed factions in the early 1990s.

 Al-Shabab, which has sworn allegiance to the Al-Qaeda terror group (banned in Russia), has been staging numerous attacks across the country in an attempt to impose a radical version of Sharia law.