In occupied Kashmir, the Chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC), Syed Ali Gilani has thanked the people of Pakistan as well as its political and military leadership for extending their support to the suffering Kashmiri people.

In a statement issued in Srinagar, Syed Ali Gilani while lauding PM Imran Khan’s role for effectively championing the Kashmir cause at the global level urged him to not only maintain this momentum but further enhance it to make world realize the gravity of the situation in the territory.

He said it is time for world especially the UN to stand up and raise their voices in favour of the besieged people of occupied Kashmir as issuing mere statements and condemnations are not enough at a time when Indian state terrorism is at its peak in the territory.

Gilani stressed that the Kashmiri people will not succumb to the evil machinations of BJP-led Indian govt and would continue resisting New Delhi’s brutal military occupation with exemplary courage and sacrifices till securing their inalienable right to self-determination.

He said that the ongoing military clampdown imposed by India after revoking the territory’s special status on August 5 will only further strengthen the resolve of the Kashmiri people to fight for their rights till last breath.

He said that people will never forget the efforts and sacrifices of those who nurtured this freedom movement with their blood and maintained that it is because of this that the Kashmir dispute attracted an unprecedented focus from the international community.

Gilani stressed that history is witness to the fact that ultimate victory belongs to those who have remained steadfast with their struggle in the face of oppression and tyranny. He said that despite the massive infrastructure of military and other instruments of control being employed by India to subjugate the Kashmiri people, the last over two months have shown that the people’s will to fight for their freedom is stronger than all of occupier’s evil machinations.

He urged people not to lose heart in this hour of grief while reminding them that their greatest strength is the truthfulness of their cause and their determination to free themselves from the yoke of Indian occupation.

The APHC chairman said fascist Hindutva brigade is trying to divide Kashmiris on ethnic and religious lines to weaken the struggle, but expressed the hope that all these Indian nefarious designs will be defeated by people while acting in a collective manner.

He said that at a time when the Hindutva forces led by RSS have started an all-out war against the culture and identity of Kashmiris, it is imperative that people stand rock-solid and stay united to defeat this Indian onslaught.

He said the way people are helping each other and demonstrating unity during this critical phase of freedom struggle is a sign that the Kashmiri people as a nation have already started living as a free people. He said every Kashmiri, be it a labourer, transporter, professional, businessman, teacher, school going child or govt employee, is part and parcel of this struggle and has been readily sacrificing his livelihood and future for this sacred cause.

Syed Ali Gilani said that India’s defeat in IOK is writing on the wall and maintained no matter whether Indian occupational forces keep us under lockdowns or communications blackouts, detain us in prisons or confine us to our homes, make us starve by not allowing food and deprive us of other basic necessities including medicines, it will never succeed to extinguish the Kashmiris’ yearning for freedom that becomes stronger with every passing day.