Crisis in in-house and stability! Pakistan searches for peace within and across! When Hitler started to lose war, he undertook a challenge, to find causes and cures for his defeats.

As Plato said “There’s a victory, and defeat; the first and best of victories, the lowest and worst of defeats which each man gains or sustains at the hands not of another, but of himself.”

And that’s where he started to go wrong. His first victim was the “desert fox”, Gen Rommel”, the man most trusted by Hitler. He suspected Rommel of all his defeats, Hitler decided to kill him and hence called him to his office and informed of his decision. He asked him how did he want to die? By firing squad or poison? Rommel preferred to die by poison and asked for poison to be given to him while he was in the car going back from Hitlers office. That’s what Rommel did, drunk poison and died. But before he died, he said “Victory has hundreds of fathers but defeat is always orphan”.

The reason I mention this here because there is a similarity of environments of discontent in Pakistan. At the moment there is absolutely nothing right in a country engulfed in different problems literally from all corners. Apparently, in mad search for magic and miracle, there appears to be a trial and error in all think tanks, particularly within Pakistan army, the architects of present set up. Where did the things go wrong? It’s not rocket science to determine the causes of chaos and calamities, faced by country one after another.

It can be said with confidence that this failure will not be Imran’s failure. In the educated circles, who can read well how it works, army will be responsible for the debacle. They chose a man, with just one quality he possessed, honesty. Imran has been humbled by the complex nature of issues faced within his own ranks, not to speak of external challenges threatening war and peace on internal and external fronts.

Then where did it go wrong? Numerous causes of failure and wrong selection of team to begin with. Marathon nature of crisis demanded experts in every field, dedicated team to the cause of new Pakistan. Not the old wine in new bottles. Administration of highest quality was what was needed!

Imran’s even more challenging dilemma is rock solid, deep think tank of army, cultured, tested by time and events again and again, and delivered on all fronts, including internal fronts. Whether it was internal security or external, they simply delivered, regardless of the costs, results were outstanding.

However where army failed time and again, was the political front where it made continuous errors and blunders, choice of wrong people for leadership, wrong time, the military think bitterly failed on this front. Choice of Prime Ministers (Nawaz Sharif, Junejo, honest but weak, his submission to Pir Pagaro for becoming PM, and so on so forth . Politics is a different ball game altogether. No doubting the ability of well trained military Generals, the education, the courses they have to go through, time frame they need to reach where they reach. Having said this, they have to admit, they could not bridge the ever widening gap between political pundits and army. There is huge clear Titan cavity between the two massively important national pillars and this has been on going for decades now. Military think tank needs to put their heads down and fill this gap before any more venture of making blunders on the political front. Removing or aiding Imran will not answer the political turmoil persisting for exceptionally long period of time.

All heads need to sit down, tackle chaos within before going on any other wild ventures, whether those are military or civil, both need long time solutions.

Lower judiciary in disarray, civil forces ,such as police and courts incapable and non existent, non functional parliament, are issues which need to be addressed.

The crisis begins when public starts to expect miracles from the top (Generals and politicians), rather their local authorities. Such as local police stations, civil judges, local administration, who can actually solve their major issues. The crisis at the moment is far more serious at the top. The cracks at the top are visible and vocal, unlike the bottom (local authorities), which have literally collapsed and broken to pieces.

Pakistan Military can do wonders ,provided the direction is right. If they want to win the wars on borders, they must first plan the battles within , in every village and city, big or small, and reshape, reorganise the totally crumbled non functional government departments. This is a serious challenge, a battle which army never addressed.

Having spoken to some “concerned at the top”, they say military has neither the authority nor the tools to fight the cancer! Which is arguably correct. If that’s the case ,which we unanimously agree it is the case , then let the people stand for their rights. Let them settle the score. Let every street speak for itself. Let the army of hungry, wounded public, get rid of this vulture culture!

If this is not acceptable, then assist the political regimes in rebuilding of local government departments utterly destroyed by shameful, dishonest beasts.

Military can do wonders. Change the direction of the think tank from politics to restoration of civil services rather than making or creating leaders.

Leaders are born not “shaped”!

Pakistan comes first. And the people compromise of Pakistan, broken by poverty and politicising, not the vultures who again sit in power and police the matters!

“The point in history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity - or it will move apart.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Unite and educate people on national issues and let them fight their battles themselves, battles which army and politicians both lost bitterly!