In a strongly-worded speech at the United Nations (UN), a senior Pakistani diplomat accused India of “hegemonic pretenses and aggressive actions”, warning that New Delhi’s conduct represents a clear and present threat to regional peace and security, especially to Pakistan, to which the bulk of its offensive capability is deployed.

Speaking in the General Assembly’s First Committee, which deals with disarmament and international security issues, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said that India’s “belligerent” military posture was demonstrated in February this year, when in the wake of the Pulwama incident in occupied Kashmir, it resorted to aggression against Pakistan on a completely false pretense.

“The recent unilateral action by India to further consolidate its illegal occupation of the internationally-recognized disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, in flagrant violation of multiple Security Council resolutions, has engendered further volatility in South Asia, posing a grave risk to regional and global peace and stability,” the Pakistani envoy told the 193-member body on Wednesday.

Ambassador Lodhi said negative global trends were pronounced in South Asia, where India unabashedly seeking to establish its dominance and hegemony through a massive build-up of its nuclear and conventional military forces and acquiring destabilizing capabilities.

These included the nuclearization of the Indian Ocean and deployment of anti-ballistic missiles (ABMs); development and testing of debris-generating Anti-Satellite (ASAT) weapons; and a constant increase in the range, sophistication and diversification of all types of delivery systems and platforms.

“Worse,” she said, “this country also uses irresponsible public rhetoric to raise the specter of war; it refuses to engage in bilateral dialogue and rejects proposals aimed at confidence-building and nuclear and missile restraint.”

“The supply of advanced military hardware and sensitive technologies from abroad is directly aiding the relentless accumulation of arms and aggressive policies of this country,” Ambassador Lodhi said.