ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly Standing Committee on Science and Technology has assured support to the National Institute of Oceanology for the promotion of study of oceanography across the country and resolve the institution’s issues.   

The meeting of the Standing Committee was held here under the chairmanship of Sajid Mehdi.

The meetig also discussed the statement of Federal Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry regarding the incumbent government is likely to shut down 400 institutions. The committee members said the government claimed that it would provide over 10 million jobs and now it is asking the people do not look toward it for jobs. 

Dr. Nuzhat Khan, DG National Institute of Oceanology, explained the need for study of oceanography in almost all the universities of the country as a subject for which the efforts are required at the level of this committee for future research in the new field. The committee assured its best cooperation subject to provide the detail working paper in consultation with the ministry in the upcoming meeting of the committee and the Secretary was asked to proceed in the matter.

The Acting DG Institute of Electronics briefed the committee about the mandate functions, expertise, major research and the achievements of the institute. He further informed that NIE has great potential to run the institute on commercial basis but it is only possible subject to the availability of funds.