KARACHI-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s central leader Haleem Adil Shaikh has demanded the registration of FIR against those who are responsible for the death of tanker driver Matiullah Khan on Friday.

In a video message here, he said that the driver was subjected to inhuman torture in Sakrand by the Excise Police and later the driver tried to immolate himself over the humiliation and inhuman torture.

He said that the incident took place in Sakrand two days ago. Haleem said that the driver was stopped for bribe and when he refused to do so he was taken to a check-post and subjected to torture and humiliated. He further said that the Excise Police tried to hide the driver for two days but after that it shifted him to Burns Centre Karachi where he met the driver.

He alleged that the provincial Excise Minister was also involved in the extortion/ bribe and a Jalsa was also being held from that money on October 18.

He also vehemently condemned the incident.