ISLAMABAD-Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MinNFSR) here on Friday categorically said that sufficient wheat stocks are available in the country to tackle with domestic requirements.

A press release issued by the Ministry said that Pakistan is wheat secure country till next harvest and claims of shortage are fallacious.

It said that public sector wheat stocks stood at 4.883 million metric tons (MMT) and Provincial Crop Reporting Services informed MinNFSR that there is shortage of 1.6MMT.

The shortfall was decided to be met through import of wheat with 3 pronged strategy, including importation through public, private and GTG basis.

It said that public sector is importing wheat through Government to Government (GTG) basis in two ways and PASSCO will bring 180,000 metric tons (MT) of GTG wheat in November.

While TCP got clearance from ECC the other day to import 340,000 MT of GTG wheat in coming month. The imported quantities will be distributed amongst Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (PASSCO), Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KPK) in proportion to what they have demanded.

On the other hand public sector is importing wheat through Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP).

The MinNFSR is making its best efforts to overcome any future shortage of wheat in the country. State-owned TCP finalized deals to import 1,000,0000 MT of wheat.

The two cargoes of Corporation have arrived in Pakistan as TCP’s first wheat consignment of 55,125 MT arrived on October 7 and the second shipment of 55,000 MT arrived on 8th October.

This wheat was forwarded to KP, for escalating the provincial wheat stock. Another wheat consignment, imported by TCP, is expected to reach Pakistan this week.

At third tier, private sector has till now imported 0.432 MT of wheat. Out of which 0.470 MMT has been discharged and distributed to Punjab (0.239 MTM), KP (0.0105MMT) and Sindh (0.221 MMT). If we consider pricing trend in local market, prices are reduced at around Rs.200 to 300/100 kg bag in all major city centres.

Government is also curbing black-marketing and smuggling of wheat.

At the present total stocks of public sector are 4,882,960 tons as Punjab having stocks of 2,855,969 tons, Sindh at 1,259,395 tons, KP 90,035 tons, Balochistan 63,100 and PASSCO contains 614,461 tons.

The situation regarding wheat is looking satisfactory and for next year wheat harvest being panned in a meticulous way that will forestall any potentially aversive situation.