LAHORE   -   Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar Friday said that the opposition was directionless and lacked political acumen.

In a statement issued here on Friday, the Chief Minister regretted that the opposition had no agenda and made it clear the government is not perturbed over public meetings. “These elements, in fact, want to protect their corruption in the garb of rallies but the accountability of the corrupt will continue under PM Imran Khan because PTI is mandated to eliminate corruption and it will not deviate from it”, the Chief Minister remarked. 

Usman Buzdar asserted the people had already rejected the politics of chaos and they would not side with such elements. 

He maintained that the PTI government was fully engaged in public service and the journey of public service will continue. “There is a threat of the second wave of corona and the political agitators should avoid playing with the lives of the people because the virus can spread due to violations of corona SOPs”, he warned. 

Also, Punjab Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Social Welfare Raja Basharat has said that the Punjab government has allowed the opposition to hold a rally in Gujranwala despite the increase in corona cases in the province. 

 “This proves that the opposition values its politics more than the lives of the people. We tried very hard to convince the opposition not to play with the lives of the people and reconsider the decision of the assembly realizing its national responsibilities, but they persisted,” he said while addressing a press conference here on Friday.  

Raja Basharat said that two of the cabinet ministers and two senior officers were affected by corona yesterday.  “If we wanted, we could have banned all kinds of gatherings under the Punjab Covid-19 Act, but we have to protect the lives of the people, not the politics at the moment. 

So the opposition was asked to sign an agreement with the local administration pledging that all participants would be ensured to wear masks, use sanitizers and make social distancing “, he explained.  

The Law Minister said that the area of Jinnah Stadium in Gujranwala was too large to accommodate 30,000 people even if they were standing and jam packed in it.  “So if someone claims the audience number in millions, he is telling a white lie”, he affirmed. 

Rejecting the allegations of arrest of opposition workers, Raja said that if that had happened, Malik Pervez and other PML-N leaders wouldn’t have been signing agreements with the government by 2.30 am.  

He said that government allies, Ansari brothers also wanted to hold a rally in Gujranwala for a long time but this morning the government barred them so that the atmosphere of peace would not deteriorate. 

He said that for the first time, a government hadn’t closed the doors of talks with the opposition regarding rallies and set rules and regulations with them.  “What greater democracy and freedom of speech could there be? He asked, adding that  Prime Minister Imran Khan had set a new example of tolerance in politics and this was possible only in New Pakistan.