LAHORE     -  Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan said that Opposition's political "Lucky Irani Circus" contains Forced Bhuttos and the political kids of affluent families who became billionaires in their childhood. 

“Their ancestors have been calling each other’s thieves, robbers, thugs, con-men and such other negative titles for the last three to four decades. Today, with great stubbornness and hypocrisy, they are declaring each other noble democratic souls,” the minister said. The minister expressed these views addressing a press conference on the current political situation of the country. He further stated that in the first phase of the Gujranwala rally, that video of Asif Zardari’s public meeting of 2017 should be played in which he declared Nawaz Sharif a court absconder and thief of whole nation. 

In the second phase, that video of Bilawal Zardari's December 2016 speech in which he called Nawaz Sharif a national and international thief and dacoit should be aired.

He said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman, known as “Maulana Sharif Zardari” due to his political activities now-a-days as the head of PDM, used to consider Nawaz Sharif a security risk for Pakistan and regarded woman rule “Haraam” for the country, now thinks it lawful. 

Fayyaz-ul-Hassan said that when the corruption of the All Pakistan Lootmaar Association was exposed, it joined hands. He said that in the 80s and 90s, PPP and the PML-N were the worst enemies of each other. Both the parties joined hands and mingled like 11 spices as Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared on political scenario. He further maintained that the political elite who claimed to gather millions of people have tried their best to hide their failures by placing chairs with the distance of twenty feet between them and placing stage in the middle of Jinnah Stadium. 

In the eighties and nineties those who had gathered millions of people at Mochi Gate, Liaquat Bagh, Nishtar Park and Iqbal Park on a two-day notice are not able to gather a few thousand people today. He said that the Opposition is accusing the government of creating obstacles and hurdles whereas the Punjab Chief Minister had given clear instructions to provide masks and water to the participants.