Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Saturday said that opposition is working on the agenda of enemies of Pakistan and addressing the gathering at Gujranwala they only targeted state institutions leveling baseless allegations.

Addressing a news conference here, Ghulam Sarwar condemned the derogatory language used against the institutions of Pakistan and said Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) wants clash between the institutions to destabilize the country but their conspiracies would never be succeed.

The Minister said that Nawaz Sharif is a proclaimed offender and declared him part two of MQM founder, adding that Pakistan Army is guarantor of peace and stability in the country, he said.

He also paid rich tribute to security personnel for rendering lives for the protection of the homeland and said that the entire nation is standing with the institutions and salutes them.

Opposition parties in their gathering did not condemned the two incident in which 20 security personnel martyred because both have same agenda as terrorist are targeting the civilian and law enforcement agencies through bullets while opposition through derogatory language, he added.

Opposition has its democratic right to contact the masses but the facts of corruptions and the verdicts of the courts against the opposition leadership in this regard could not be falsified through politics of agitation, Sarwar said.

The Minister said the opposition parties were trying to halt accountability process against their bosses and it did not want development and stability in the country.

Responding a question, the Minister said that government will overcome inflation and unemployment soon in the country caused by the flawed policies of previous regimes.

“We will take all legal measures to repatriate Nawaz Sharif,” he added.

“We have no plan to privatize PIA rather will bring reforms in it,” he said adding that the government wanted to bring back the airline to its days of glory.