It is common to see people running with their cases to several courts and police stations, sometimes because of jurisdictions, sometimes because of judge transfers and so on. However, even in death, a person cannot get justice due to this ill-coordinated system. The police wish to exhume Dr Maha’s body, the courts in Karachi asked them to take permission from a Mirpurkhas court and vice versa.

How long will this system keep denying justice to people? There needs to be more coordination among departments. Similarly, the motorway police refused to attend a rape survivor alone with her children because it was not their jurisdiction. At least for humanity’s sake, they should have arrived to help out the aggrieved lady.

Pakistani authorities need to start cooperating with each other. Long ago, the “wall” existed between CIA & FBI which prevented data sharing, thus, this created ease for the 9/11 perpetrators. Pakistan needs to tackle this issue.