SWAT - Security forces, Wednesday, captured another wanted commander of Taliban Sher Mohammad Qasab in injured condition form Charbagh area of swat. The government had announced Rs 10 million head money over Qasab. He was seriously injured and arrested in a military operation, the army said in a statement. The captured Taliban commander along with 15 other militants was involved in the terrorist activities in the northwest district for quite some time. Last Friday, the government announced the arrest of the Taliban spokesman in Swat, Muslim Khan, and another commander from the list of 16 most-wanted people. Meanwhile, in another incident, four children were injured when a mortar shell exploded in Doshamgram area of Tehsil Matta. According to details, a mortar shell hit four passers bye children when they were carrying water to their houses. The injured children were shifted to Saidu Sharif Hospital Swat. Meanwhile, engineers of Pak Army in a short span of time constructed 70-foot long bridge and opened it for all kind of vehicular traffic. The bridge was blown up by the militants during the recent operation which has badly affected the routine traffic on the road. Our Reporter from Mohmand Agency adds: Operation commandant Mohmand Agency Wednesday claimed to have cleared up to 80 per cent area of the Agency from the extremists. Operational Commandant, Colonel Saifullah, while briefing the journalists at Ghalania agency headquarters said that 80 per cent area of the Agency had been purged of the extremists and so far, almost 245 terrorists were killed, over 300 sustained injuries, and 210 other extremists were arrested. The terrorists after their activities in Peshawar and Charsadda entered Mohmand Agency, he said adding that the ongoing operation in Mohmand Agency continued efficiently and the rest of the 20 per cent area would be cleared soon. Speaking on the occasion, Political Agent Amjid Ali Khan said that terrorists had so far destroyed over 728 houses of the residents of the agency in different areas in the agency adding that development projects had started in the area after establishment of peace. He said that restoration of education and communication network were among the topmost priorities of the government and vowed that stern action would be taken against those who challenged the writ of the government.