LAHORE Pakistan-India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy is deeply distressed and shocked by the cynicism and insensitivity of the security forces in Kashmir, which recently fired from a close range on a group of young men, who were playing carom outside their house in Maisuma. There are very few examples in history where a government has allowed the use of this level of force against the people of a state, says a press release issued here on Thursday by President PIPFPD India Dr Manoranjan Mohanty and Secretary General PIPFPD Pakistan Ms Anis Haroon. They were of the opinion that since the beginning of the present mass protest on June 11, till date 69 Kashmiris had fallen to the bullets of the Indian security forces and scores had been seriously injured, which had been done mostly by the Central Reserve Police Force. There is no evidence that the protesting youth in Kashmir carried arms. They had nothing but stones. It is clear that Indian armed forces had fired at the unarmed crowd killing mostly young persons including a few minor children and women. We are sorry to observe that Indian Prime Ministers visit to Kashmir in early June and his subsequent meeting with representatives of mainstream political parties in August, who made several suggestions for the resolution of the current conflict, has failed to reduce the excessive level of force unleashed by the Indian Security forces on unarmed people in Kashmir. The killing of unarmed Kashmiri youth continues, which demonstrates the depth of the callousness of the authorities, they said. To them, Jammu and Kashmir had remained a disputed territory, with both India and Pakistan claiming ownership of the entire region. The wars that the two states had fought on Kashmir and the various dialogues that the states have held have completely bypassed the peoples of Jammu and Kashmir. Both India and Pakistan are guilty of denying the Kashmiri people basic human rights like the right to family reunion and the right to participate in dialogue on the future of their homeland must end immediately, they added. They demanded of the Indian government to take immediate steps to stop the killings in Kashmir to take the following steps to address the immediate crisis. Secondly, all political prisoners, including the children arrested on the frivolous charges of stone pelting, should be released immediately and all cases against them be withdrawn immediately. Thirdly, they urged the Indian government to repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, the Distributed Areas Notifications and the Public Safety Act of Jammu and Kashmir, which grant virtual impunity to the forces of the state. Fourthly, they called on the government to set up a justice commission empowered to investigate all complaints of abuse of human rights against the forces of the state in a transparent manner and to award the requisite punishment as per law. Lastly, they appealed to the governments of India and Pakistan to set up empowered task forces on both sides of the Line of Control with the mandate of visiting every district and Tehsil of Jammu and Kashmir on both sides of the LoC and hold open and transparent discussions with the local people on the future of Kashmir. The task forces set up by both the governments should consist of persons belonging to government and non-government organisations. These forces should be authorised to interact with each other and prepare a joint set of recommendation which should put before the peoples of Jammu and Kashmir and the two governments for taking the process of peace building and reconciliation ahead.