LAHORE - An anti-graft body set up in Punjab a few months ago to investigate cases of mega corruption feels that its establishment was without any backing of law and thus its investigations are liable to be challenged before the higher courts. It also feels the rules under which the Special Investigation Unit of the Anti-Corruption Establishment is working allow the chief secretary and the chief minister to shelve any report submitted to them without assigning any reason. Knowledgeable sources told TheNation on Thursday that a report submitted by the SIU to the chief secretary on the alleged corruption in Punjab Development Fund a few weeks ago was lying without any action. They alleged the legal loopholes in the establishment of the SIU had been deliberately kept to enable the corrupt elements to escape legal action for their misdoings. The SIU had submitted two reports pertaining to financial irregularities of over Rs 200 million. Another report about alleged misappropriation of Rs 550 million is expected to be submitted in the near future. The SIU has no authority to remind its high-ups about action against the accused in the light of the report. The sources said in the presence of the existing Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment Rules, 1985, the SIU would not be able to show its real performance. They pointed out that under Rule 19 the chief secretary is authorised to call for the record of any case or inquiry for the purpose of satisfying himself as to the correctness or propriety of decision taken by the director and may pass such order as deemed fit in each case. Similarly, the sources said, the chief minister could suo moto or otherwise call for the record of any case or inquiry pending or finalised for the purpose of satisfying himself. The sources said the SIU members were not being given reasonable salaries commensurate with the nature of their work or their professional status