ISLAMABAD A powerful baboo whose dismissal from service has been recommended by an enquiry report, reigns the affairs of Sindh as Chief Secretary, thanks to the 'good governance of the incumbent regime. Exclusively available with TheNation, an enquiry report submitted by Shahid Rafi, Federal Secretary for Ministry of Water and Power, recommends to the Prime Minister that Kamran Lashari who is currently serving as Chief Secretary Sindh be dismissed from service in accordance with Rule 4 (b) (iv) of Government Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules 1973. Rafi forwarded this report to the Prime Minister on September 07, 2010. The report has recommended separate submission of cases against the other three District Management Group (DMG) baboos against whom the Apex Court in its historic judgement of June 4, 2010 had ordered strict action. They include Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta, Kamran Ali Qureshi and Dr Faisal Awan. The Supreme Court in its aforementioned judgement (in HR Cases No.4668 of 2006, 1111 of 2007 and 15283-G of 2010) took strong exception to the role of Kamran Lashari who was at the time Chairman of Capital Development Authority (CDA). Lashari as Chairman CDA had granted government land on 33-year lease to Siza Foods in violation of rules in connivance with relevant officials. The courts judgment stated: An officer of the status of Chairman CDA (Mr Kamran Lashari) has succumbed to the pressure, and had not only violated the service discipline and the provisions of the Constitution and the law, but prima facie has also exposed himself to legal action because government functionaries are not bound to carry out/implement any order which is not in accordance with law. The same judgment ordered civil and criminal actions to be taken against Kamran Lashari. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani appointed Shahid Rafi as the Authorised Officer on July 28, 2010 to enquire into the matter. Rafi constituted an Enquiry Committee and appointed Athar Tahir, Acting Secretary, Ministry of Social Welfare, as Chairman of the Committee, and Shaukat Hayat Durrani, Additional Secretary In Charge, Population Welfare Division and Saeed Ahmad Khan, Additional Secretary In Charge, Statistics Division, as members of the Committee. In the final report submitted by Shahid Rafi and his committee to the Prime Minister on September 7, Rafi concluded, I, in my capacity as authorised officer, recommend imposition of the major penalty of dismissal from service on Mr Kamran Lashari, as contained in Rule 4 (b) (iv) of Government Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules 1973. As regards the other three accused, their case shall be submitted separately after verification of their involvement and degree of their culpability in the matter. A separate reference is being sent to the Secretary Cabinet Division through the Establishment Division to bring out this perspective beyond any shadow of doubt. PM is reported to have instructed Shahid Rafi to make recommendations strictly based on merit in the light of judgment of SC and not to accept any pressure in this regard. Shahid Rafi, also showed character by not succumbing to pressure, which was coming from the aggrieved lot of DMG babus. A serving Federal Secretary told this correspondent that such a transparent report against a top influential bureaucrat was unprecedented in the history and the implementation of this report would serve as a lesson for bureaucrats who execute illegal orders to benefit those in power.