DADU (Agencies) The floodwaters from Manchhar Lake inundated Sehwan Airport, Parco Refinery in Dadu and 55 villages as the water started gushing out from several breaches at the dykes early Thursday morning. The lake is the largest sweet water reservoir in Asia, with the covered area fluctuating between 350 to 520 square km owing to seasonal changes. The breaches were so sudden that the Irrigation Department personnel and others working on strengthening the embankments had to run for safety. The breaches had been reported at RD-95, 96 and 97 where one of them later widened to over 1,000 feet. The outburst, which may prove an ecological disaster, could not be avoided despite a deliberate breach at Ural Head to dilute the pressure and let the water stream into River Indus, raising the outflow to 10,000 cusecs with 28,000 cusecs inflow from MNV Drain. The town of Bhan Saeedabad, having around 0.1 million population, was also facing immediate threat of inundation as people flocked out towards safer places as the authorities issued the last warning to vacate the area. But efforts are on to built a temporary embankment to save the town from destruction. The deluge would also roam through hundreds of other villages while more than 70 have already been submerged with the number of affectees may reach 0.4 million. The locals are demanding emergency help from the authorities concerned for a safe evacuation. Earlier, the water level in Manchar Lake, situated on the Right Bank Canal, reached an alarmingly high level exceeded the 121 feet capacity on Wednesday with more water pouring into the lake that had inundated several residential buildings in Manchar town, including Sehwan Airport and Parco Oil Refinery. Meanwhile, the floodwater-besieged town of Johi remained cut off from the rest of the country on the 10th consecutive day.