Indian security forces killed nineteen innocent Kashmiris that were protesting against the mad American pastors plans to burn Quran and desecration by some Christian extremists outside the White House. The protestors in Kashmir were armed with nothing more than stones but the Indian security forces have been targeting them for persecution as part of a policy of state terrorism by India. India has deployed killing squads in Held Kashmir in the garb of a military force. The security forces have also been armed with draconian powers by addition to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act of India which had been in existence for two decades but had failed to deliver. Even the puppet Chief Minister of Held Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, himself had opposed giving more powers to the Indian Armed Forces. There has been some outcry and a few Indian human rights groups, as well as a section of the media, has also called for revisiting the Act but the Indian government has simply turned a deaf ear to these pleas. But there is, then, this new indigenous uprising in Kashmir with youth and women in leadership of the movement. They have now come out in the streets in great numbers making it evident for all that the generation of suppressed Kashmiris of last six decades has passed on the torch of freedom struggle to the next generation. Despite committing the worst kind of human rights abuses in Kashmir, there is a sense even in New Delhi that the freedom struggle in Kashmir shall continue. -AFIA AMB-REEN, Rawalpindi, September 16.