America claims that its drones are effectively bombing the terrorists. Unfortunately, bombs are born blind. They cannot distinguish between terrorists and innocent women and children. They indiscriminately kill whoever comes within their killing range. When the terrorists look at the dead bodies of their women and children lying about, they vow to have revenge. For this objective, they transmute themselves into suicidal-drones. If they could fly, they would straightaway fly to America to quench their revenge-thirst. But they cant fly. Imagine their frustration But revenge they must have. Since they cant kill the Americans who kill their loved ones, they vow to kill the killers friends. They firmly believe that if Pakistan had not been Americas friend, the drone attacks would not have been possible. By way of revenge, they launch suicidal attacks on Pakistan. They kill Pakistani masses in the cities and towns. They kill the worshippers worshipping in the mosques. They kill the pilgrims visiting the shrines. They destroy the schools killing innocent school boys and girls. They attack military convoys killing military personnel. They attack police stations killing police functionaries etc, etc. The drones are almost daily bombing the terrorists. They terrorists are replying each drone-bombing with a suicidal-bombing. What a horrific competition Unfortunately, innocent Pakistanis are the major sufferers. The credit for this suffering goes entirely to our friendship with America. The greater the suffering which the drones inflict on the innocent Pakistanis, the deeper grows our friendship with America. What a mysterious friendship Humanity has always believed that friendship is a relationship which mysteriously binds two individuals together. It can neither be artificially cultivated, nor bought from a general store. But America has massacred this ages-old concept of friendship and manufactured a new concept of it. America believes that friendship is something saleable and purchasable. In order to give a practical proof of this philosophy, America has bought Pakistans friendship. Normally, a buyer makes full payment for what he buys. America does not believe in this nonsense. It believes in paying the price in easy instalments. America has bought Pakistans friendship and has been paying the price in small instalments. The common Pakistani must be curious to know the total price for which America has bought the friendship. But since the total price is a secret between the buyer and the sellers, the Pakistani masses can never know anything about it. They must kill their curiosity. Logically, the sale-money ought to have somewhat lessened the masses economic misery. But, on the contrary, the misery of the masses has been worsening and worsening as America has been pouring the instalments into Pakistan. Where does the money go? Only the sellers know. But one thing is definite. If all the rich countries were to buy Pakistans friendship, the total sale-money would fly straight into the sellers pockets. Not even a small fraction of the money would stray into the masses pocket. Mullah Omar has claimed that the Taliban have been crushing the Americans for years and the crushing has entered its final phase. If America did withdraw from Afghanistan, it would no longer need our friendship. It would fling the friendship at our face and fly back home. It would be a great tragedy for the sellers of Pakistans friendship. The flow of the dollars into Pakistan would instantaneously dry up. The sellers would become dollar-orphans. As a nation, we love to be spoiled by dollars. We are grateful to America for spoiling us by buying our friendship. We are also grateful to the international agencies for lending us dollars which also have spoiled us. But, unfortunately, the agencies do not lend us as much as we passionately desire to borrow. We love to spoil ourselves limitlessly. But this is possible only if the agencies lend us dollars limitlessly. In this respect, the agencies are extremely cruel. America bought Pakistans friendship for capturing Osama. But so far America has been struggling absolutely fruitlessly. Rumours are afloat that America is packing to withdraw from Afghanistan. America wanted Osamas head. But the head is firmly there were it has always been. It must be laughing at Obama as it once laughed at George Bush. The writer is an academic.