President Asif Ali Zardari has declared that any attempt to derail democracy would be foiled. He has claimed that 'we had achieved democracy after a long struggle and 'we know how to defend it. So, naturally, one would like to ask the President that who is planning to derail his democracy that it needs be defended by him and others of his ilk? Some say the 'democracy is taking the best revenge from poor folk of Pakistan who have been literally crushed by the uncontrolled inflation 'democracy has caused. Why has Mr Zardaris government failed to tackle loadshedding he would be unable to tell so he might as well tell us instead why, despite using far less electricity in his 'democracy, we are paying far more than we did during the dictatorship? Why do our rulers (in this democracy) are out and about inspecting palaces in Franceat taxpayers expense toowhile their subjects, or citizens, whichever have you, are facing the worst floods in the history of realm? Why has the parliamentarians of our democracy had their assets (on record) multiplied by four times in only the last two years? And why, oh why, arent you, the figurehead of this 'democracy, not even declaring to the public your personal assets? There are other equally important questions too. Has Mr Zardaris democracy improved law and order in the country, given us rule of law that ensures implementing verdicts of the courts, and the Supreme Court, no less? Has this democracy established the requisite of being a meritocracy that gives high-profile jobs only to the best qualified? Does democracy mean only getting people to vote for you somehow and then not care about them at all? Does democracy require its top appointees, President, Prime Minister and their ministers to be ensconced in huge, vulgar palaces where millions are spent every day on maintaining their royal life style while tens of millions of their citizens are with out a shelter on their heads and two square meals on their table? -ENGR. S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, September 16.