MULTAN In a bid to justify drone attacks on FATA, US Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke said on Thursday there were some people in Western part of Pakistan who posed a threat to many countries, stressing the need for a joint strategy against them. There are some people in western part of this country who seek to destroy this country, its neighbours and attacked United States. Ill remind you the worst attacks that took place in Bali and the target were Australian tourists. So all the countries present in podium are their victims. Weve to act together to bring a kind of moderation and tolerance, he added while answering a question on justification of drone attacks. He was addressing a joint news conference along with Pakistans foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Australian foreign minister Kevin Rudd here at State Bank Auditorium. The US Envoy, however, declined to answer a question on violation of human rights in Indian Kashmir, asserting that he was not here to talk about other parts of the world. Referring to American support, Mr. Holbrooke categorically declared that his country extended support to Pakistan on humanitarian grounds and not for any strategic concerns as it was an attempt to link the people of Pakistan with their American counterparts. He expressed the hope that the Pakistanis would realize the fact that international community turned up to support them at this difficult time. He told the journalists that the USA had so far given $ 300 million while its 30 helicopters were also taking part in flood relief operation. He said that the US president Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave special importance to Pakistan. Let me tell you no other country in the world has had more than one dialogue with the USA during the last year but Pakistan had three high-level strategic meetings, he stressed. Weve come down to Multan to see as to how to help out the people in ongoing phase and the phase ahead, he maintained. He said the USA was the largest donor of flood relief goods and funds in the world and the aid was extended in the light of American traditions. He said that a major portion of American aid was diverted towards flood relief operation, declaring that the American contribution would go up with the passage of time. He told the journalists that the initial UN appeal for $ 459 million was insufficient and therefore a new appeal would be made after a discussion in New York soon. He said the reconstruction phase would be launched in mid-November when he would again visit Pakistan. Answering a question on the opposition to the construction of Ground Zero mosque by some Americans, he said some people in USA exhibited extremism, negating democratic and liberal norms of America. Kevin Rudd Addressing the news conference, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Kevin Rudd disclosed that his country plans to donate another $ 40 million for flood relief activities in addition to the previous aid. This aid will be utilized through UN agencies and Australian NGOs, he added. According to him, Australia is the fifth largest donor for flood relief operation globally. Declaring the recent flood a challenge for the entire humanity, he urged the international community to put a very careful sight on flood aftermath as the cases of malaria, cholera and other waterborne diseases registered a serious hike. Every one must step up to support Pakistan, he added. He said an Australian military field hospital was already working in South Punjab region where 180 Australians were performing different duties. Shah Mahmood Speaking on this occasion, foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi disclosed that talks were underway between National Disaster Management Authority and UN officials in Islamabad. As soon as they reach any conclusion, the UN Secretary General may launch a new appeal for help, he further revealed. He said the government would soon constitute an oversight commission with the consensus of provincial governments to ensure transparency in utilization of aid funds. He said a website would also be launched to keep international community informed on the spending of funds. According to him, a meeting of 27 foreign ministers is soon due in Brussels and it would discuss as to how to help out Pakistan. Theyre going to consider proposals on giving Pakistani textile goods greater access to European markets, he added. He said that the Friends of Pakistan moot would also take place in Brussels on October 14-15 while international donors conference would be held in Islamabad in November. He told the journalists the damage and need assessment survey had been launched and the government would be in a position to give exact figure of loss caused by the flood soon. He said a National Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Strategy was being evolved with the collaboration of provincial governments while budgetary priorities had also been revised. He disclosed that the foreign missions of Pakistan sent Rs. 4.86 billion charity through their efforts. He told the journalists that a special ministerial meeting would be held on September 19 in New York. It would be attended by the foreign ministers of friendly countries. Well give them a presentation on flood situation and review the initial response given by the international community to UN appeal, he added. He disclosed that strategic dialogue was also underway with Australia and he would soon visit Australia to sign an agreement.