It was quite interesting to see President Hamid Karzai, who never tires of spewing venom against Pakistan going to the extent of advocating aggression against us, change his tone a bit by offering to help resolve the Kashmir conflict. His apologetic posturing right in front of President Zardari and the media in Islamabad on Wednesday can be seen as being in line with diplomatic decency. But his track record of badmouthing Pakistan makes his gestures nothing but a complete sham. Besides the question here is how he can be of some help in resolving a thorny conflict such as Kashmir, especially given New Delhis stubborn attitude, when he cannot even handle problems plaguing his own country. The common Afghans have a great deal of contempt for him for being an American stooge. What is worse, his overtures of friendship to Taliban and other insurgent groups have received no reciprocation at all. So it sounds a bit odd and funny when a man with such poor credentials boasts that he could be the panacea for Indo-Pak tensions. On the contrary, the reality is that he has turned out to be quite a nuisance for Pakistan given the way he has given New Delhi a carte blanche to wreak havoc in Balochistan and elsewhere. And one cannot help but express regret over the fact that President Zardari did not bring up the issue. Of what use are those intelligence reports and evidence if the culprits it implicates are not even obliged to answer for their misdeeds, let alone be penalised. Indeed, the red carpet treatment extended to him amounts to giving him a pat on the back not only for his connivance with New Delhi but also his harangue against Pakistan for doing nothing to crack down on militant safe havens. There is no doubt that by aligning himself with New Delhi to the detriment of relations with Islamabad, President Karzai has proved that he is a US puppet. He is neither a leader of the Afghan people whom he claims to represent nor a friend of Pakistans.