PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif urged Richard Holbrooke to support Pakistans efforts to finalize a Free Trade Agreement with the US and to encourage greater American investment in Pakistan, especially in its energy and power sectors, as these will have a direct bearing on the countrys economy. Nawaz was speaking to Holbrooke after the special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan called on him on Friday afternoon in Islamabad. Sharif pointed out that aid packages were only stop-gap arrangements that have no lasting impact on the countrys economy. On the other hand, greater trade and foreign investment help in strengthening the countrys economy and generating employment opportunities, which reduce the likelihood of the youth turning towards militancy and extremism. He also referred specifically to the need for the Obama Administration to finalize the understandings envisaged in the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement, as well as for early approval by Congress of the legislation relating to the Reconstruction Opportunity Zones.