LAHORE - PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that he is in favour of a change, but not through extra-constitutional means. Addressing columnists and intellectuals at Alhamra Art Centre here on Thursday, he said he was in favour of a 'soft revolution. He said that the democratic system should be reformed rather than talking of martial law and if it was unable to deliver, the change should be brought through constitutional means. He recalled the services he had rendered for the sake of democracy. He deplored that once again efforts were being made to portray the democratic system as a failure. Nawaz said he had signed the Charter of Democracy with late Benazir Bhutto to strengthen democracy and to close the chapter of military interventions for good. He said it was because of his commitment to democracy that he had asked his partymen to take oath before Gen Musharraf although they had been reluctant to do so. The two-time prime minister said people were worried over the situation in the country and no one knew what was in store for them. Unemployment, corruption had made the living miserable and people were now talking of martial law, he added. The PML-N leader asked such leaders to avoid talking of ultra-constitutional steps. He said Pakistan was achieved through a democratic process and could be protected in the same way. He proposed that people from all walks of life should agree to a 25-year agenda for the country, which should be implemented at all costs, no matter which party was in power. To work out the agenda, he said all stakeholders should lock themselves into a room and come out only when the blueprint was ready. He held martial law responsible for all problems faced by Pakistan. He cited Indias example and said it was dreaming of becoming a global power mainly because of the success of its democratic system. He regretted that the democratic leaders were maltreated in Pakistan and dictators were glorified. Substantiating the point, he said a prime minister who had brought more than 90,000 prisoners of war back home from the Indian prisons had been hanged. Similarly, he said he himself was humiliated after being toppled. While the one who surrendered to Indians (AAK Niazi) was garlanded. Likewise, he said Gen Musharraf who had got killed Baloch leader Akbar Bugti was accorded guard of honour when he had left the presidency. He demanded that Gen Musharraf should be held accountable for the injustice he had done to the country. In his opinion, Pakistan would not be needing foreign assistance if it controlled its wasteful expenditure. Ashraf Mumtaz He made it clear that his party would not tolerate corruption, defiance of the SC orders and bad governance.