PESHAWAR Pakistan has asked the Afghan government for recovery of 3000 Pakistanis languishing in the government and private jails in Afghanistan. Ministry of SAFFRON handed over the list of Pakistanis in Afghan jails to Afghan President Hamid Karzai the other day. Since 9/11, about 3000 Pakistanis are reported to have been in Afghan jails including the ones run by Afghan warlords and criminals who often use these Pakistanis for extracting huge money from their relatives against releasing them. Many of them, arrested on charges of lack of visa, passport and other required documents, are languishing in Afghan jails in miserable conditions. Sources in the Ministry of SAFFRON said the number of Pakistanis in Afghan govet-run and private jails could be higher as many cases are not reported and many Pakistanis are missing in Afghanistan whose record is not available. Ahead of Afghan presidents visit to Pakistan, the ministry had asked the authorities of all the provinces to provide official data about Pakistanis from their areas who were in Afghan jails so that the matter could be taken up with Karzai during his visit. In the past too, Pakistan had provided the details of Pakistanis in Afghan jails to Hamid Karzai and asked him for their earliest and safe release, however no concrete step was taken by Afghanistan in that regard.