LAHORE - After failing to contact Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sahrif for the last over three days, Punjab Senior Minister, Raja Riaz has asked the chief minister through media that he should convene a meeting of provincial cabinet to take it into confidence over leakage of the special branch report involving some federal ministers and Punjab governor in the alleged assassination plot of Lahore High Court Chief Justice, Khawaja Muhammad Sharif. Addressing a news conference at Lahore Press Club on Wednesday along with Zekria Butt, he said that after coming out of the controversial report he was trying to contact Punjab CM for the last over three days but he was not willing to talk to him. Now I have decided to convey my message to the Punjab CM through media that he should take the cabinet and the people into confidence about the controversial report, that no body was ready to own, the minister remarked, adding that people involved in leakage of the document should be exposed. He said that if the CM did not convene cabinet meeting within three days, it would be assumed that Punjab CM himself and his associates were involved in the conspiracy. Replying to a question, Raja believed that officers of the CM secretariat were involved in preparation and leakage of the so-called report. The senior minister said that he was giving an opportunity to the chief minister to clear his position and take action against the responsible officers, otherwise, he threatened, some federal agencies may be assigned the task of investigation. The minister said that LHC chief justice was going to retire after few months and PPP minister could not think of getting involved into such irresponsible acts. He said that he had already warned the CM that officers in his secretariat were in the practice of seeking intelligence reports about senior officers from agencies of their choice to get officers of their liking posted on important posts. But he did not act upon my advice and now he has seen the results in form of a fake report that seems to be an effort at worsening the relations between federal and Punjab governments besides setting the judiciary against the federation.