LAHORE Through an application, Supreme Court has been requested for early decision on a petition earlier filed to seek referendum on Kalabagh Dam Construction (KBD) in the larger national interest. This petition was filed by Watan Party through Barrister Zafarullah Khan in 2006 and it was last heard on, May 26,2006, when the Bench of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had issued notice to the Attorney General of Pakistan and Advocates General of all the four provinces. Through the petition for early hearing, the counsel Barrister Khan contends that the recent floods have ravaged the country and played havoc with human life, crops and the livestock. He said the floods at such a massive scale took place for the fact that the different governments in the past did not construct dams, particularly KBD, to save water which could be well used not only for the agricultural purposes but also for generating power at a much cheaper rate. The petitioner contends that the construction of KBD is a dire need of the hour also in view of the acute shortage of power in the country which has badly hit our industrial and domestic life, thus keeping us far behind other countries. 'KBD is not being constructed under political considerations of various parties and also to safeguard economic interest of the private power producers which are selling out electricity to the government at much higher rates, it added. It has requested the Supreme Court to take stock of the situation created by the recent floods causing heavy losses in terms of men and material and watching the national interest of boosting up economy of Pakistan, the court may order for holding national referendum on the construction of Kalabagh Dam. The petitioner contends that the result of the referendum would speak of the aspirations of the nation on building the KBD. In the main petition counsel had submitted that Pakistan would lose the benefit of Indus Water Treaty against India as it was fast building dams on the Indus while we had failed to build KBD to use the water for our own benefit as our right. It says the KBD is a completely feasible project, far cheaper and safer than Bhasha Dam which, it adds, would get 922 feet height in the seismic zone costing over $12.6 billion. Basha dam would be built with the new technology, which hitherto has not gone beyond the maximum height of 700ft. Moreover Bhasha has to be built cutting Silk route, which means Pakistan would lose ground route with China in that event, it said. He submitted that the need for constructing Bhasha Dam is in fact, coming from US, as it has to benefit its companies. The petitioner pleaded that the main factor behind the opposition of KBD construction are private power producers which are selling out electricity to Pakistan from Rs 10 to Rs 15 per unit while Re one per unit, cost effective electricity generated from KBD would render them useless. It says in order to advance the cause against KBD, these private producers have pitted various groups of people against the supporters of this dam. The petitioner said if Pakistan economic future has to be made safe and fast increasing need of the electricity met, the construction of KBD is a must. It said, from all examination the project has been found feasible and beneficial to the country also from the strategic point of view. He requested to the court for taking up the pending matter to early hearing so that a decision on the same could appease and satisfy the people on this highly important mega project.