The US House of Representatives approved a resolution on Thursday expressing solidarity with Pakistan following deadly floods that have devastated the Asian nation. The resolution said the House "expresses its deepest condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims of the floods, and its solidarity with the millions of affected Pakistanis". It also "recognises that Pakistan is and remains a close ally and friend of the United States" and "reaffirms the commitment of the people of the United States to partner with the people of Pakistan to respond to the immediate crisis and build the foundations for a successful and lasting recovery". The measure passed by vote of 396 to 2. The resolution supports the use of funds by Washington to help relief efforts and "urges the United States administration and the international community, including private citizens and foreign governments, to continue providing assistance" to Pakistan. According to the White House last week, the US government had provided $260-million so far in emergency humanitarian aid, including halaal meals, pre-fabricated steel bridges and other infrastructure for Pakistan.