Better sense finally prevailed and the Karachi administration decided to put to sleep the infected sheep, shipped to Karachi Harbor under mysterious circumstances. This lot of sheep was originally destined for Bahrain. As the ship was 30 nautical miles away on the open seas, Bahraini authorities got information that the sheep were infected with scabby mouth disease technically known as Salmonella and Antinomies. It is shocking to observe that so far no formal investigation has been initiated against those responsible for shifting the livestock to Pakistan. It seems as if efforts are being made to hush up the issue.Had these sheep been utilized for the purpose of sacrifice on the occasion of Eidul Azha, it would have caused serious harm to the health of a large number of people who may have consumed the meat. Apparently, the Secretary Sindh Livestock and Fisheries abused his authority by declaring them fit for human consumption and terming media reports baseless and fabricated. It is expected that action will be taken against his irrational behaviour of trying to defend those who had put the health of thousands of people at stake. Similarly, the Foreign office must lodge a request for an inquiry with the Australian High Commissioner, according to whom, the sheep were inspected at Karachi Port and cleared. The Sindh government must let the people know who were behind this shabby deal.